What is a vascular seed plant without flowers?

Answer cactus

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How do I plant perrennial seed flowers?

Prepare for PlantingGet small containers with drainage holes ready for planting. Egg cartons are a cheap and easy solution to buying lots of small plastic pots. Place a commercial seeding mixture i... Read More »

List of Vascular Non-seed Plants & Their Descriptions?

Prevalent during prehistoric times, non-seed vascular plants possess internal transport systems and reproduce through spores instead of seeds. These seedless vascular plants actually go through two... Read More »

Are poppy flowers vascular or nonvascular?

Vascular plants are those with roots, stems and leaves that transport water and nutrients. Both annual and perennial poppy flowers (Papaverae) qualify as vascular plants. Simpler, non-vascular plan... Read More »

Is a rose a vascular plant?

Vascular plants are so named for their vascular tissues that conduct water, minerals and nutrition made through photosynthesis through the plant's roots, stem, leaves and flowers. Roses are complex... Read More »