What is a variable rate loan?

Answer When you borrow money, your lender typically requires you to pay back additional money known as interest, which is based on a percentage of the amount borrowed. A variable rate is one type of inter... Read More »

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What Is an IRA Variable Rate?

An IRA (individual retirement account) variable rate is the percentage used to calculate the amount of interest paid on the IRA increases and decreases over time rather than remaining level or fixe... Read More »

What are variable rate mortgages?

A variable-rate mortgage is more commonly called an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM. Unlike a fixed-rate mortgage, where your interest rate remains the same for the life of the loan, adjustable-ra... Read More »

Construction Loan Rate Vs. Permanent Loan Rate?

Construction loan rates for residential mortgages are computed differently than the rates for permanent loans. Construction loan rates are not fixed but "float" up or down during the construction p... Read More »

What Is the Standard Variable Interest Rate?

When you apply for a home loan, you can choose either a fixed interest rate or adjustable (variable) interest rate. Fixed rates never change over the life of the mortgage, but adjustable rates can ... Read More »