What is a vacuum valve?

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What If Your Egr Valve Vacuum Is Unplugged?

Exhaust gas recirculation is a method of reducing or eliminating toxic pollutants produced by automotive engines. The device that controls the flow of these exhaust gases is called an EGR valve. Ta... Read More »

How to Replace the Check Valve in a Vacuum Booster?

A vacuum booster uses vacuum pressure from the engine to boost the amount of pressure going to the brakes. The check valve on vacuum booster regulates the amount of pressure in the booster. If th... Read More »

How Do I Install an EGR Valve & Vacuum Lines in a Ford Expedition?

The exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) on a Ford Expedition is a part of the emissions system, and helps ensure a more complete burning by recirculating part of the exhaust gases into the intak... Read More »

I saw a hand held bag vacuum once on TV and could not find it in a store. It worked with a bag that resembled a standard zip lock but had a valve for removing the air. What is it?

Answer It is called a Reynolds Handi Vac and it costs $10.00.