What is a vacuum breaker?

Answer When a vacuum is created inside of a piece of machinery that could damage the machine, a vacuum breaker protects the machinery from the damaging conditions created. It consists of a steel ball, whi... Read More »

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You plug a vacuum cleaner into a 110-V outlet with nothing else on the circuit If the 15-A circuit breaker is tripped. what is the maximum possible resistance of the vacuum's motor?

What is a vacuum circuit breaker?

A vacuum circuit breaker is used to connect or break the current from a power source to a load of high voltage. It uses an electrode structure that includes a movable electrode and a fixed electrod... Read More »

What Is a Hose Vacuum Breaker?

Vacuum breakers are a type of valve designed to prevent potable and nonpotable water from inadvertently mixing. Hose vacuum breakers use much the same principle, but are not plumbed-in permanently.

Where on the water heater does the vacuum breaker go?

Answer Ask the manufacturer for the safest way to do install it