What is a v-twin 2 stroke engine?

Answer A V-twin, two stroke engine is a two-cylinder engine oriented in a "V" formation, which fires a mixed fuel of gas and oil every revolution.The two stroke engineTwo-stroke engines fire once every re... Read More »

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What was the name of a 1960's scooter with 125 or 150cc twin cylinder 2 stroke engine could be Italian?

There were more than just Lambretta or VespaMoto rumi were good and were twins,lambretta had a single cylinder hairdryermostly ridden by gays and Cliff Richard fans they should have been an evoluti... Read More »

What Is the Bore & Stroke of an Engine?

The bore and stroke are the measurements that determine the engine displacement. Displacement is one of the factors that determines the overall engine power. The configuration of the piston also de... Read More »

What is the largest twin cylinder motorcycle engine made by Honda?

The largest V-twin motorcycle Honda has made is the VTX 1800 series of cruisers. The engine in this series of bikes is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52-degree V-configured engine displacing 1795 c... Read More »

2 Stroke Engine Maintenance?

A 2-stroke engine is a smaller type of engine that is used for devices that do not usually need as much horsepower as large vehicles such as cars. 2-stroke engines are designed for gardening applia... Read More »