What is a v-twin 2 stroke engine?

Answer A V-twin, two stroke engine is a two-cylinder engine oriented in a "V" formation, which fires a mixed fuel of gas and oil every revolution.The two stroke engineTwo-stroke engines fire once every re... Read More »

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What was the name of a 1960's scooter with 125 or 150cc twin cylinder 2 stroke engine could be Italian?

There were more than just Lambretta or VespaMoto rumi were good and were twins,lambretta had a single cylinder hairdryermostly ridden by gays and Cliff Richard fans they should have been an evoluti... Read More »

2 Stroke Engine Maintenance?

A 2-stroke engine is a smaller type of engine that is used for devices that do not usually need as much horsepower as large vehicles such as cars. 2-stroke engines are designed for gardening applia... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 2 Stroke Gas Engine?

Figuring out what causes a two-stroke engine to malfunction or perform weakly typically involves identifying what is throwing off the fuel/air mixture. Additionally, the ignition timing, if set inc... Read More »

How to Mix a Gallon of Gas for a Two Stroke Engine?

Most two stroke engines in dirt bikes, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and chain saws require a premixed combination of gasoline and two cycle oil. The gasoline powers the engine while the oil lubricates t... Read More »