How far is it from Plymouth, Utah, to Saint George, Utah?

Answer It is approximately 390 miles from Plymouth, Utah, to Saint George, Utah. Under normal traffic conditions, the drive would last around six hours without stops. The main route for the trip is Inters... Read More »

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What landforms are found in Utah?

Among the many landforms located in the 84,916 square miles of Utah are the peaks of Uinta Mountains, with Kings Peak being the highest at 13,528 feet, and the flat lands of the Colorado Plateau.Re... Read More »

What is the Utah state tax rate?

Utah has a flat-rate system for income tax. All individuals, regardless of how much they make, pay five percent income tax. Utah also has a statewide sales-tax rate of 4.7 percent, and virtually ev... Read More »

At what age can you get court records in utah?

There is no minimum age requirement to obtain public records in the state of Utah. To obtain the records you need, you can either visit your local Utah district court location or can request inform... Read More »

What is the cost of hydroseeding in Utah?

For an 8,000 square foot lawn, hydroseeding in Utah costs on average 8 cents per square foot. Prices will vary dependent upon the square feet of the area being hydroseeded and any additional labor ... Read More »