What is a usb serial port?

Answer Setting up older computers or adding external devices to them was usually a difficult task. You might have the wrong cable or maybe no available ports, forcing you to use an adapter. However, USB p... Read More »

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What is a PCI serial port?

PCI is a computer component standard that was common in personal computers, but is waning in popularity in 2010. A PCI serial port is an adapter card with a serial port fitted to the back; it fits ... Read More »

Can i convert a serial port to a usb port?

Buy an AdapterGo to your favorite computer store and ask for a USB to serial or serial to USB adapter.Plug It InInsert the serial plug of the adapter into the serial port on your computer. Plug you... Read More »

What is a PS2 serial port adapter?

According to Dell, the Serial PS2 Port Adapter is a device that adds PS2 functionality to your computer. This device allows you to keep your old keyboard and mouse instead of getting the USB keyboa... Read More »

What is a serial port adapter?

A serial port is a type of plug on a computer used to transmit data from one device to another. A serial port adapter is a conversion tool that allows a user to use a different type of plug--such a... Read More »