What is a usb data cable for?

Answer data transfer

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How to Transfer Data to an LG CU400 Using a USB Data Cable?

The LG CU400 is a clamshell-style mobile phone that was offered by Cingular Wireless. Although Cingular Wireless is no longer around, you could still use their branded handsets on the AT&T Wireless... Read More »

Can you use a firewire cable IEEE 1394 cable to transfer data between two computers?

YES. Even a Mac to a PC. However it requires setup. And no $1 FW cables.PC: Firewire ie1394 device - check if enabled and functioning in device manager. Services - same need to be runnin... Read More »

What is a data cable used for?

Data cables connect one electronic device, such as a cell phone, to another, such as a computer, so information can be shared between the devices. Data cables can also be used to connect a laptop t... Read More »

What is a data transfer cable?

A data transfer cable is a specific type of Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable that features USB connectors on both of its ends that can connect to USB ports on two different computers. Microsoft gen... Read More »