What is a urinary tract doctor called?

Answer Nephrologist deals with medical problems of kidneys. Urologist deals with surgical problems.

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What kind of doctor treats urinary tract infection?

Can drinking alot of water help if you have a urinary tract infection if you cant go to the doctor?

Pain on urination doesn't = UTI. It could be many other things. Go ahead and drink as much water as you want. It won't hurt you.

What is the study of the urinary tract called?

Nephrology deals with medical problems of kidneys. Urology deals with surgical problems of he urinary tract.

Can you have sex during a urinary tract infection?

On One Hand: Sex Is Possible During A Urinary Tract InfectionThere is no medical evidence to suggest that a woman with a urinary tract infection (UTI) cannot engage in sexual intercourse during tre... Read More »