What is a universal joint in a car?

Answer Unless your car has no suspension and the axle is welded to the frame, it has some sort of universal joint. These versatile connectors are used to allow straight drive shafts to bend from side to ... Read More »

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What Are the Signs of a Bad Universal Joint?

In an automobile, a drive shaft is the rotating steel line that transfers power from the engine to the drive train. This shaft is not in a straight line, so a universal joint (u-joint) is needed to... Read More »

Universal Joint Removal?

A universal joint (or U-joint) is a joint in cars that connects two rods in an engine. It lets the rods turn in any direction they need. U-joints are incredibly important in vehicles, but their com... Read More »

Universal Joint Troubleshooting?

Universal joints, often referred to as U-Joints, are used exclusively on rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks, and extensively in industrial applications. The joint is also referred to as a Cardan join... Read More »

How to Replace a Universal Joint?

A universal joint, or U-joint, connects a vehicle's drive shaft to the axle. Over time, the grease within the joint can dry out and be replaced with rust. You can usually tell if a U-joint is bad f... Read More »