How do i ask a girl to homecoming in swiss german?

Answer I suggest you write down the entire sentence that you would like us to translate, we'll then try our best.But PLEASE read this before: So, let us know if you want to have you... Read More »

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How Does a Girl Get Ready for Homecoming?

Planning the oral English section of the syllabus shifts the focus from the teacher doing most of the talking to involving the students in speaking. Learning to speak English well is a skill that h... Read More »

What are some really unique names for boy and girl twins?

Sahara is a great name for a girl cant really think one for a boy.. hmm.. i thin someone else will answer the boy part. yeaa.

Homecoming Dress Ideas for a girl in middle school?

If your looking for something for something classy and clean; I think you should wear a white dress which symbolizes pureness and will make you shine. If you looking for something to make you stand... Read More »

How to Be a Fun and Unique Girl?

How to be fun and unique !Are you the kind of girl, that doesn't absolutely love make-up ? Are you the kind of girl, that isn't completely obsessed with Hair clips and Hairspray ? Are you the ki... Read More »