What is a unipolar stepper motor?

Answer A unipolar stepper motor is a digital motor that moves in designated steps, instead of a perpetual rotation like standard motors, according to the Electrojets website. A unipolar stepper motor cons... Read More »

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What Is a Stepper Motor?

A stepper motor is a simple motion control system with a synchronous motor that operates electronically without brushes or contacts. There are three types of stepper motors: variable reluctance, pe... Read More »

Specifications of a Stepper Motor?

An electromechanical device, a stepper motor converts electrical pulses into mechanical movements. The motor's spindle rotates in step increments when electrical pulses are applied in proper sequen... Read More »

How to Microstep a Stepper Motor?

A stepper motor is an electric motor that can perform a 360-degree rotation divided into a number of steps. The number of steps differs for various stepper motors. The micro stepping concept can be... Read More »

Stuck on programming stepper motor what do next?

What to next??? What to do first? What are you doing with the motor. When are you going to change position? Give the objective of the project an maybe someone can give you guidance on the code.... Read More »