What is a ultrasound scan?

Answer And ultrasound is where they put some jelly-like liquid over your belly and then put a hand-held scanner over it and you can see the baby on the screen. It isn't painful for the mother or the baby.... Read More »

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Where does it say x or y on the ultrasound scan?

Can you scan an ultrasound picture into the computer without destroying it?

Yes you can do it, we did it with my wifes ultrasound pics and they didnt get damaged. Just use a regular scanner and you should be fine

Can an unknown downs syndrome baby mislead how far gone you are during an ultrasound scan?

Would a full body ultrasound scan show previously undiagnosed bowel cancer?

There is no such thing as a full body ultrasound.If your cancer was advanced enough to cause symptoms 4 years ago you should be dead by now.