What is a typical chimpanzee attack?

Answer Chimpanzees are extraordinarily human-like, capable of expressing themselves, learning complex tasks and even playing. Movies depict them as human companions. But people may underestimate the chi... Read More »

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What is the difference between Heart attack and cerebral attack?

A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to part of the heart muscle itself — the myocardium — is severely reduced or stopped. The reduction or stoppage happens when one or more of the coron... Read More »

What does a chimpanzee eat?

The chimpanzee is one of the great apes and those in the wild subsist on a varied diet. According to the San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes website, scientists have observed chimps eating as many as 80 dif... Read More »

What is the origin of HIV-1 in the chimpanzee?

HIV-1 comes from SIVcpz, a virus found in a subgroup of chimpanzees known as Pan troglodytes troglodytes. It is believed that these wild chimpanzees became infected simultaneously with two differen... Read More »

What is the courtship behavior of a chimpanzee?

Chimpanzees are more social than many other animals. Consequently, they mate and touch one another regularly. It takes many years for chimpanzees to reach sexual maturity, and when they do, they be... Read More »