What is a typical English food, dish, or recipe?

Answer Curry is a big one! Chips and Curry (yellow usually). There is a large India Influence there. Roasted. Lamb, Beef, Potatoes. Cornish Pasties-YUM!!!Bubble a... Read More »

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Typical English dish which can be eaten cold?

I think you might mean finger food. So why not make scones? You can add cheese or bacon bits for a savoury dish or sultanas for sweet, be generous with the butter (salted for savoury, unsalted for ... Read More »

What's typical English food except fish and chips?

traditional english breakfast - egg, bacon, sausage and beans or tomatoes.

Some typical English food for gift (I would like to carry it by plane)?

Don't try to take meat, cheese or any vegetables. Most countries forbid taking that sort of food across their borders. I like the idea of Branston Pickle, you could also take some Marmite and pe... Read More »

What is the recipe of moong dal khichari in typical gujrati style?

I got this directly from It's one of my favorite sites. I Love This!!MOONG DAL KHICHDIIngredients1 cup yellow lentils, washed,soaked in clean fresh water and drained (yellow moong d... Read More »