What is a turtle hinge?

Answer A turtle hinge is a moveable joint found in the shell of some species of turtles.Hinge AnatomyTurtle shells are composed of fused bone plates. Most turtle shells are covered by large scales known a... Read More »

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Are turtle shells supposed to fall off the turtle?

No, turtle shells aren't supposed to fall off. A shell is made from bone and plates made of keratin called scutes. Many freshwater turtles will shed their scutes as they grow but they do not shed t... Read More »

What kind of turtle is a painted turtle?

The range of Chrysemys picta, the painted turtle, extends from coast to coast in the United States and spills over into adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico. This colorful turtle lives in a watery w... Read More »

How do I oil a hinge?

Remove the PinClose the door and lock it, if possible. Place a nail at the bottom of the pin at the hinge's center and tap the nail with a hammer, pushing the pin up and out of the hinge.Oil the Hi... Read More »

How to Use a Hinge Jig?

Wooden slab doors for perimeter or partition doors in a house use four-inch hinges that need to be mortised into the edge of the door. This shallow mortise allows the door to close flat against the... Read More »