How to Calculate Turnover?

Answer Turnover is when employees leave jobs that need to be filled. Turnover rates and their costs can impact a company's profit and loss. Employers and human resources professionals should know how to c... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Voluntary Turnover?

Companies use involuntary turnover to shed excess workers or those who are not a good fit with its goals. Voluntary turnover is when employees leave on their own. A high voluntary turnover rate cou... Read More »

How to Calculate AR Turnover?

AR turnover, also known as accounts receivable turnover, shows how well a company collects on their sales on credit. Companies often allow customers to pay in the future for goods received, which c... Read More »

How to Calculate Turnover Rate?

Calculating turnover is a key aspect of periodic evaluation for many businesses. If you are in a leadership role, or you've been delegated the task of measuring this aspect of a business or company... Read More »

Dysfunctional & Functional Turnover?

Functional and dysfunctional turnover are two distinct types of employee turnovers. Functional turnover is the loss or termination of employees that are low-performing, whereas dysfunctional turnov... Read More »