How do I chemically remove clover in turf or athletic turf?

Answer Killing CloverSelect a phenoxy-type herbicide from your local garden store. Pour the herbicide into a garden sprayer, and spray the clover in the early fall by following the directions on the packa... Read More »

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What Is Turf Builder?

Turf Builder is a line of lawn care products made by Scotts and used to fertilize lawns. The fertilizer can be used to control and kill weeds, prevent crabgrass, grow new grass and protect the gras... Read More »

What is turf management?

Turf management refers to the scientific concepts and technical practices professionals use to manage golf course turf grasses. A professional in turf management usually combines a degree in the fi... Read More »

What exactly is Surf and Turf?

It usually means shrimp and steak. (Hence "surf" and "turf") I think of it as angioplasty on a platter. Shrimp is a scavenger meat....full of parasites and crap you don't want to put in your bod... Read More »

What year was astro turf invented?

James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright invented AstroTurf and applied for a patent for their invention in December 1965, finally receiving the patent in July 1967, according to the article "AstroTurf ... Read More »