What is a tuning fork used for?

Answer A tuning fork is a metal instrument that plays one note. It is the exact pitch for the note in question, and musicians will match the sound from the tuning fork to make sure that their instruments ... Read More »

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How to Make a Tuning Fork Necklace?

An average Tuning forkTuning Forks make certain notes like B and G flat.Want one where ever you go? Make a tuning fork necklace!

What do tuning forks do?

Tuning forks are used to help a musician to tune his instrument. He will strike the tuning fork and then match the tone that is heard. A tuning fork is made so that the pitch is perfect for the not... Read More »

How are tuning forks used?

English musician John Shore invented the tuning fork in 1711. While regularly used to tune musical instruments, we have put the fork to use in ways that John Shore likely never dreamed possible.The... Read More »

Tuning a Drag Car?

The main goal in drag racing, besides crossing the finish line first, is to get your car from zero to its top speed as quickly as possible. Drag cars race against each other on a straight strip of ... Read More »