What is a tungsten light bulb?

Answer The term "tungsten light bulb" simply refers to modern light bulbs, which contain filaments that are made of coiled tungsten. Wires carry the current to the filament, after which the light is produ... Read More »

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Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura ?

Yes I have that type of bulb in my room. It's called natural something, and it gives off a more blue-ish hue to the room, as if you had a window open.I forget what they're called but they are more ... Read More »

What is a tungsten light?

A tungsten light is a bulb in which electricity heats a thin wire called a filament, which is made of the metal tungsten. As it becomes heated, the filament begins to glow, giving off light. Standa... Read More »

I was replacing a light bulb, when the bulb blew off the metal top,which is stuck in the socket. Now what?

Cut off the power and use needle-nose plyers.Spray the new bulb's metal part with wd-40 for easy removal next time.

Why is tungsten used in light bulbs?

According to Jefferson Lab, tungsten has the highest melting point of all elements. Since it can withstand great heat, tungsten is used in light bulbs.SignificanceLight bulbs operate using heat. Wh... Read More »