What is a tube amplifier?

Answer There are two major types of circuitry for guitar and bass amplifiers: tubed and solid state. Both have had a large role in the industry for decades, but tube amplifiers represent the beginnings an... Read More »

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Who invented the amplifier tube?

The first World War brought with it an increased need for communications. Amplifier tubes, although already being studied as a possible technological advancement, was far from being complete until ... Read More »

I want to build a Tube Amplifier...?

Dedicated do-it-yourself audio hobbyists and enthusiasts of all levels of experience have been designing and constructing vacuum tube (aka electron tube, thermionic valve, tube, or valve) audio amp... Read More »

How to Increase the Gain in an Audio Tube Amplifier?

Increasing the gain on an audio tube amplifier is extremely simple; it requires a simple adjustment made to the "Gain" setting on the amplifier. Audio tubes are speaker boxes that are shaped like a... Read More »

How to Choose Between a Solid State, Modeling and Tube Amplifier?

There are many factors that go into choosing an amplifier. Considering that an amplifier affects your personal sound, the right one will leave you satisfied and more developed as a guitarist.