Common Trust Fund Vs. Unit Investment Trust Fund?

Answer Trusts are groups of assets--stocks, bonds, etc.--that provide benefits for an organization, child or other family member. A common trust fund and unit investment trusts are two major categories of... Read More »

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What is a revocable trust fund?

A revocable trust allows you to control where your property, money and other assets go after you die. You can manage this trust during your lifetime and make changes to it whenever you want.Revocab... Read More »

What is an irrevocable trust fund?

An irrevocable trust fund is a legal relationship designed to own money and property in a way that protects the property from creditors, minimizes income and estate taxes and avoids probate. Anybod... Read More »

Trust Fund?

If your grandfather's estate was bequethed entirely to your grandmother, then she will have sole control of the trust until your 25th birthday. If his estate was divided into many parts, for exampl... Read More »

How to Fund an Irrevocable Trust?

When you set up an irrevocable trust, you give up any rights to the assets that you place into it. The trust cannot be modified without the permission of your beneficiaries, even though you are the... Read More »