What is a trombone slide?

Answer The slide on a trombone is a U-shaped cylindrical tube fitted over two straight segments of pipe. It changes the instrument's pitch when slid in and out by the player. There are seven standard posi... Read More »

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What is the trombone used for?

The trombone is used primarily with orchestras, marching bands and concert bands. The trombone is a member of the brass family of instruments and can be found in five different ranges.Source:Black ... Read More »

How to Put Together a Trombone?

Trombones contain three main components: the bell section, the slide, and the mouthpiece. The bell section contains the tuning slide, the bell and three braces. The slide contains two braces and a... Read More »

How to Clean a Trombone?

The trombone is a unique instrument in the band and orchestra. It is the only remaining instrument that uses a slide for finding the notes (pitches). The legendary Vincent Bach predicted that even ... Read More »

What is a tenor trombone?

The tenor trombone is a musical instrument of the brass family. The trombone has a slide that helps to manipulate the pitch of the notes. The tenor trombone is the standard trombone of orchestra an... Read More »