I have some Trojan Horse Virus on my pc how do i get rid of them once and for all.?

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What does a Trojan horse virus do?

It shoots a bunch of trojan condoms out of your computer.

Have you gotten a virus, trojan horse and/or spyware on Y-A?

Yes, I surely did! As the first poster stated, I clicked on a link without thinking that was included in an answer to one of my earlier postings. Ever since then, I have been plagued by problems.... Read More »

A Trojan-Horse virus remover HELP!?

use the hijackthis software, it is easy to use. if you do not know, read this article that blog.acho that vai help you. the hijackthis of a list of all processes and the site which it says are dang... Read More »

How to Clean Up a Trojan Horse Virus?

Receiving a Trojan horse may seem like a disaster, but you can extract it, without damaging your computer. Tech wizards and fancy programs can remove the Trojan for you, at a prince, but removing t... Read More »