What is a trojan horse attack?

Answer A Trojan horse attack is a security threat frequently faced by anyone who uses a computer. While there are literally millions of different Trojan horse programs, they are all fundamentally the same... Read More »

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Ok what can i make besides a mini trojan horse for a project based on the trojan war?

The costumes/clothes/uniforms they wore and representation of the ships or weapons they used, or a model of the city as described by Homer or as excavated (the 7th level I think?) by Scheilman(spel... Read More »

Who used the Trojan Horse?

The Greeks used the Trojan Horse to gain access to Troy during the Trojan War. Odysseus ordered the construction of the large wooden horse. Greek soldiers hiding inside the hollow structure launche... Read More »

How big was the Trojan Horse?

The exact size of the Trojan Horse is unknown. There are no detailed descriptions or measurements. According to Homer, it was as big as a ship and carried between 30 and 40 people.Source:Stanford U... Read More »

How to Fix Trojan Horse IRC?

Trojan Horse IRC, sometimes referred to as IRC Trojan, is a dangerous computer Trojan that affects the Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT and Windows XP operating systems.... Read More »