What is a trojan horse attack?

Answer A Trojan horse attack is a security threat frequently faced by anyone who uses a computer. While there are literally millions of different Trojan horse programs, they are all fundamentally the same... Read More »

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Ok what can i make besides a mini trojan horse for a project based on the trojan war?

The costumes/clothes/uniforms they wore and representation of the ships or weapons they used, or a model of the city as described by Homer or as excavated (the 7th level I think?) by Scheilman(spel... Read More »

What is a Vundo Trojan horse?

The Vundo Trojan virus causes popups, including advertisements for antivirus or antispyware programs. It can also cause failed connections to popular sites, such as Google. This virus, also referre... Read More »

What is a trojan horse proxy?

A trojan horse proxy gives an unauthorized user control of your computer. She is able to use files from your personal computer for her own use, which can include credit card and other payment info... Read More »

What is a Trojan horse generic?

Trojan horse generic is a malicious program that installs itself onto your computer without your permission. Once installed on your computer, Trojan horse generic downloads additional malicious pro... Read More »