What is a trojan Win32?

Answer According to PC Magazine, a trojan program "appears legitimate but performs some illicit activity when it is run." The Win32 trojan, per Microsoft, "displays misleading alerts regarding computer pr... Read More »

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What Is a Win32 Trojan-Gen?

The Win-32 Trojan-Gen is a malicious program called a "trojan." A trojan refers to the Trojan horse, and is so named because it usually comes disguised as a desired piece of software, but is actual... Read More »

How do I get rid of the Win32 Trojan?

Stop Win32 Trojan ProcessesStop any processes associated with the Win32 Trojan. Press " Ctrl + Alt + Delete" on the keyboard to open the Windows Task Manager utility. Click on the tab labeled "Proc... Read More »

Win32 Trojan Help Please!?

Man, oh man..... get yourself some good protection !!!Download Avast free anti-virus and SUPERantispyware and run them both (full scan)...Try these links, they are both completely FREE:http://www.a... Read More »

How to Remove Win32 Trojan?

If you notice pop-ups from the rogue anti-virus software Trojan Zlob on your computer, that means the Win32 Trojan infection is on your hard drive. Your computer may begin to lag and take longer to... Read More »