Do you like trifle?

Answer na its like eating rainbow sick

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What is a trifle bowl?

A trifle bowl is a clear bowl with straight sides, often with a pedestal base. It is used to showcase a layered dessert that can include pudding, fruit, cake and whipped cream.NameA trifle bowl pr... Read More »

How to Make a Trifle?

This dessert is common in Britain, is an easy dessert to make, has endless variations, looks beautiful, and is amazing for parties!

Lime Curd Trifle?

There are countless variations on trifle, but what they have in common is that the ingredients--usually sponge cake or biscuit, gelatin, fruit and custard--are arranged in layers. Lime curd provide... Read More »

Does anyone have the recipe for english trifle?

This is a great website with lots of different versions of English trifle:…This is an easy dessert you can make with lots of shortcuts:buy store bought pou... Read More »