How do you trick the doctor to induce the baby early?

Answer It depends... It can be 4 hours or 1 day

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How can I trick my hubby into getting me pragnent?

: (.. you don't trick him.. It is a joint decision...

Moving tips and trick, advice for getting rid of stuff?

Pack as if you are going on a vacation, and take only what you really love. Pack it in duffle bags, suitcases, boxes - and then put the overflow you don't want in boxes for donation. You can even ... Read More »

I have a really hard time getting up early in the morning.what should i do.?

Besides going to bed on time, try a sunrise clock . . . the light wakes you up naturally. Regular alarms tend to "shock" one out of a sleep.

When should I go off my birth control pill if I want to trick my bf into getting me pregnant?

When you get pregnant, just tell him that his sperm was just too awesome, and barreled through your cervix and hit it's target. This will boost his confidence/ego, and ease him into proposal.