What is a transverse lie?

Answer Answer Transverse lie is when the baby is laying sideways in the uterus. Sometimes you can get them to change positions before labor starts. Sometimes your care provider can do what is called an e... Read More »

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Transverse Waves in Physics?

Waves are disturbances that travel and transfer energy with no net displacement of their surroundings. Mechanical waves transfer energy by oscillating their surroundings, but the surroundings retur... Read More »

How to Calculate Transverse Angles?

Transverse angles are created when a line called a transversal crosses a set of two parallel lines. The transversal creates eight angles. The angles can be classified based on whether they are inte... Read More »

How to Exercise Transverse Abdominals?

Although you can't see them, the Transverse Abdominals are a group of muscles that play a key role in not only basic appearance of your midsection, but every power movement, including jumping. Here... Read More »

Definition of Transverse Waves in Physics?

Wave energy, such as sound or pond ripples, moves through substances in one of two different ways: transversely and longitudinally. Transverse waves move up and down or side to side; longitudinal w... Read More »