What is a transom on a boat?

Answer A transom is, at its simplest definition, the back part of a boat or a ship. Transoms come in many shapes and have different functions based on the size and type of boat.TypesTransoms are sometimes... Read More »

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How to Repair Dry Rot in a Boat Transom?

Dry rot is a fungus that eats wood fibers. Like most fungi, it thrives in warm, moist conditions. Your boat's bilge, especially at the bottom of your transom where water accumulates by the bilge pl... Read More »

How to Strengthen the Transom for a Boat?

Protecting the transom on a wood boat is done by strengthening the exterior of the transom. You can do this by encasing the transom in fiberglass. Fiberglass is a material that is made from glass f... Read More »

How to Choose Wood for a Boat Transom?

A boat transom is almost as important as the hull. It supports the weight of the outboard and forms a solid wall on the back of the boat. It is also susceptible to rot and degradation over time as ... Read More »

Does a 1996 Ranger bass boat have a composite transom?

The "pultruded" transom first appeared on Ranger boats in 1987, according to an interview with Randy Hopper, president of Ranger Boats. The transom is a composite only to the extent that fiberglass... Read More »