What is a transmission electron microscope used for?

Answer According to the Nobel Prize organization, the transmission electron microscope, which employs electrons instead of light to produce high-resolution images, is used primarily to study metals, miner... Read More »

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What is a transmission electron microscope?

A transmission electron microscope is a piece of analytical equipment that shoots a beam of electrons through a specimen and records how they emerge to create images of features near and at the ato... Read More »

What year was the transmission electron microscope made?

The transmission electron microscope was developed in the 1930s. This invention was a revolution in biological study. Although there are still problems that scientists are faced with when using the... Read More »

Who discovered the transmission electron microscope?

Ernst Ruska, a German engineer, developed the transmission electron microscope (TEM) in 1933, and the Siemens Company made the first commercially available TEM in 1939. Ruska received the Nobel Pri... Read More »

What is an electron microscope used to study?

An electron microscope is used in biological and medical research to study the complex organization of cell components like mitochondria, membranes and ribosomes. It is also used to study the struc... Read More »