What is a transmission control module?

Answer Most modern automatic transmissions use some sort of computer control system. These systems are used both to monitor transmission condition and to control several shift parameters.HistoryThe first... Read More »

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What Is a Transmission Control Module for a Car?

The transmission module is a computerized auto part that controls shifting on vehicles with automatic transmissions. It is the rear compartment of the engine, behind the firewall.

What Is a Control Module?

The 2011 car market is one dominated by models equipped with engine computers. One of the most critical components of these engine systems is the control module. Problems with the module can presen... Read More »

What Is a Fuel Control Module?

The fuel control module in your car is a crucial bit of machinery. With its numerous components, it controls how efficiently your fuels are used to cool, control and run your vehicle.

What Is a Plug Control Module?

A plug control module, or ignition control module, is a computer within the electrical system of an automobile. It receives data from a network of sensors and controls the firing of the spark plugs... Read More »