What does a directional verb mean?

Answer A directional verb is an action word in American sign language. The meaning of the verb is dependent upon the hand gesture for the word. For example, moving your hand from yourself to the other per... Read More »

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How to Use Verb Tenses?

The verb is perhaps the most important part of speech in a sentence. It indicates the action being taken either by or upon the subject, the time and the nature of the action. In the English languag... Read More »

Verb Art Projects?

English literature and English as a second language teachers often struggle to engage students who have different learning styles. Some students respond well when teachers incorporate images and ar... Read More »

What is a copula verb?

A copula verb connects the subject of a sentence with a "complement"--a word that helps define the subject's state of being. Copula verbs are commonly referred to as "linking verbs."VerbsMost verbs... Read More »

What is a singular verb?

A sentence is properly structured when the parts of the sentence are in agreement. If a singular noun is used to describe one subject, a singular verb must correspond. For example, "he is" would de... Read More »