What is a transistor radio?

Answer A transistor radio is a portable semiconductor device used to change between or amplify electronic signals. The electrical signal is then reproduced through loudspeakers on the device as an audio s... Read More »

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Who discovered the transistor radio?

The transistor was discovered by Walter Battain, John Bardeen and William Shockley, who jointly won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1956. William Shockley developed the junction transistor and annou... Read More »

Who invented the first transistor radio?

The first commercially available transistor radio was produced by Regency electronics in 1954. The creation of this radio would not have been possible if the transistor had not been invented in 194... Read More »

Why was the transistor radio made?

Bell Labs invented the transistor radio in an effort to revolutionize communications and radio signals with the hope of granting the U.S. military an advantage over their enemies. The transistor ra... Read More »

When did Sony first introduce the transistor radio?

The first Japanese transistor radio, the TR-55, was introduced by Sony in September 1955. The first transistor radio was the Regency TR-1, which was developed by Regency Division of Industrial Deve... Read More »