What is a tracker in

Answer Welcome to the world of P2P filesharing. Bittorrent is a popular protocol for file serving. Instead of hosting a file on a single server, the burden of hosting the file is distributed amongst man... Read More »

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How to Use the Yacker Tracker or Deluxe Yacker Tracker in the Classroom?

If you need a new way to manage the noise in your classroom, let the Yacker Tracker or its deluxe model work for you. The Yacker Tracker is a visual reminder for students to watch their noise level... Read More »

What Is a VBS Tracker?

VBS tracker, sometimes known as tracker.vbs, is a virus that infects your computer when you open an infected file or webpage. The virus will not allow you to double-click on your hard drives, inst... Read More »

What are tracker mortgages?

Tracker mortgages are administered throughout through the United Kingdom's Bank of England. This variable rate loan may be more volatile than the standard fixed-rate mortgages, but they could be be... Read More »

What Is a Laptop Tracker Pad?

A laptop tracker pad or "touchpad" is a touch-sensitive pad usually found under the keyboard on a laptop. A touchpad allows you to control the mouse pointer on your laptop by moving your finger ove... Read More »