What is a trackball?

Answer When it comes to computing hardware, there are several options for cursor-controlling parts. Standard mice are common for desktop PCs and some laptops, but some computer users prefer the trackball.... Read More »

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What is a trackball used for?

Computer users use trackballs as an ergonomic alternative to mice to control cursor movement on a computer screen. A mouse is rolled across a surface by a user to control the cursor. A user rolls o... Read More »

What year was the trackball invented?

Canadian engineers Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor invented the trackball in 1952 while working on the DATAR (Digital Automated Tracking and Resolving) battlefield system for the Roy... Read More »

What is the function of a trackball mouse?

Computer users can get very finicky; everything on the machine has to be a certain way, and nothing's good unless it's customized or modified. The trackball plays right into this way of thinking, p... Read More »

What is the drag lock on the logitech wireless trackball mouse?

The "DragLock" feature---also called "ClickLock" on certain models---is a feature of Logitech® driver software. Logitech claims that this feature allows for better precision and reduces the chance... Read More »