What is a trackball?

Answer When it comes to computing hardware, there are several options for cursor-controlling parts. Standard mice are common for desktop PCs and some laptops, but some computer users prefer the trackball.... Read More »

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What is a trackball used for?

Computer users use trackballs as an ergonomic alternative to mice to control cursor movement on a computer screen. A mouse is rolled across a surface by a user to control the cursor. A user rolls o... Read More »

How to Use a Trackball?

A person using a trackball mouseA trackball is a type of mouse. It was used in the 00's. Now we use upside-down mice sometimes, which can be easier. Trackballs are used formerly, but Mac and Apple ... Read More »

How do I clean a trackball?

To clean a computer trackball, remove it from the mouse unit, then wash it with soap and water, using a soft cloth. Allow it to air-dry. Wipe the rest of the unit with a cloth dampened lightly with... Read More »

How do I get a new trackball for a BlackBerry?

Purchase the TrackballMake a note of the make and number of the BlackBerry being repaired. Purchase the replacement trackball for this BlackBerry at a cell phone store or online. Many repair kits c... Read More »