What is a townhouse condominium?

Answer It all depends on the location of the condominium.In some states, areas, communities, townhouse implies multi-stories, with internal steps to additional floors. In some countries, the term townhous... Read More »

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What is the difference between a condominium a townhouse and a duplex?

Townhouse Generally, a townhouse is one of a row of attached dwellings that share common walls. The term 'town home' is used in some regions. Each 'townhouse' owns the land beneath it and there may... Read More »

What is the difference between buying a townhouse vs a condominium?

A townhouse is a small house with not alot rooms and a condominium is a bunch of small houses stuck together

Is the driveway of a townhouse garage common property of a condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the driveway. If you have exclusive use of it, it may be limited common area.If others also use the same driveway, it may be common area.However,... Read More »

Does a townhouse own the land beneath it whereas a condominium owners own only the unit plus a part of shared common grounds and amenities?

Read the appropriate descriptions of the real estate you want to buy. Usually, when buying a condominium, you purchase a unit, plus an interest in real estate assets that the association owns in c... Read More »