What is a touch screen phone?

Answer A touch screen phone features a touch-responsive surface in place of (or sometimes in addition to) a standard keypad. The touch-responsive surface sits over a clear glass display screen in order to... Read More »

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How do i pair my htc touch phone to my touch screen computer?

pair? you would need a bluetooth dongle for your PC to pair it... perhaps you mean sync? in either case, the CELL PHONE section would be the best place to ask a more detailed question on what you w... Read More »

Can the screen on a touch screen phone be replaced?

Of course, you can. The after-sale service and the mobile maintain can do it. And you will pay for the replace screen.You can go to special stores or look on the internet. just make sure they repla... Read More »

Which phone to get for your birthday a blackberry curve or an android touch screen phone?

What is the best touch screen phone?

LG VU - At&tiPhone - At&tLG Incite - At&tSamsung Instinct - SprintHTC Fuze - At&tGoogle phone - T-mobileLG Dare - VerizonBlackBerry Storm - VerizonLG Voyager - Verizon (Touch screen and flip out QW... Read More »