What is a touch screen monitor?

Answer A touch-screen monitor is a display screen that has the ability to identify where it is being touched. A user is able to interact with the monitor by touching or tapping the screen; the touch-scree... Read More »

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How to Turn Your Monitor Into a Touch Screen?

A touchscreen monitor allows users to select options by touching the monitor screen with a stylus or finger, instead of using a mouse or keyboard. Touchscreen capabilities are included with tablet ... Read More »

How to Install a Touch Screen Monitor in your Car?

Touch screen monitors put your car audio and video choices literally at your fingertips. Once you install a touch screen monitor in your car, you will be able to choose between audio and video opti... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an LCD Touch Screen Monitor in a Car?

LCD touch screen monitors are becoming more popular, they are convenient and easy to use. They have a touch-sensitive transparent panel covering the entire monitor screen. Rather than using a point... Read More »

How to convert lcd monitor into touch screen?

Easy.Buy a touch panel that you either clip on top of your current monitor, or one that you mount inside your current monitor casing. You can get such panels for cheap at eBay. They work by adding ... Read More »