What is a total body scan?

Answer Total body CAT scans are high-speed X-rays which are highly sensative and can find tiny tumors and weak spots on blood vessels. Centers for performing these scans are proliferating across the count... Read More »

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What is a total body nuclear bone scan?

The total body nuclear bone scan is a procedure where a radio-pharmaceutical medication containing a weak dose of radiation is injected into your system to allow a specialized camera to take pictur... Read More »

What exactly is a CT scan is it a whole body scan or just used on a specific area?

An IV contrast medium is sometimes given, the dye is injected to high- light certain parts of the body that are being scanned, you won't feel anything, maybe at most just a 'warm rush' sensation an... Read More »

What is the best total body cleanse?

On One Hand: Detoxifying and ReplenishingThe Advisory members of Detox Reviews, Dr. Brian Gatt, M.D., Patty Knutson, N.C, and Aaron Hermanson, H.H.P. say Dr. Natura's combined program of Colonix an... Read More »

Is the total body cleanse supplement safe?

On One Hand: Total Detox BenefitsTotal body cleanse supplements such as Total Cleanse are safe, effective products states Products such as Total Cleanse are FDA approved ... Read More »