What is a total body nuclear bone scan?

Answer The total body nuclear bone scan is a procedure where a radio-pharmaceutical medication containing a weak dose of radiation is injected into your system to allow a specialized camera to take pictur... Read More »

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What is a total body scan?

Total body CAT scans are high-speed X-rays which are highly sensative and can find tiny tumors and weak spots on blood vessels. Centers for performing these scans are proliferating across the count... Read More »

What is the difference between a cat scan&a bone scan?

CAT, or CT, scans and bone scans are both imaging procedures doctors use to diagnose health problems. The two x-ray procedures can be used to diagnose slightly different problems.TechniquesAccordin... Read More »

What the total cost of the US Nuclear Weapons Program throught 1998?

Whether or not you are an aerospace maintenance apprentice or not, the closest military installation to Baton Rouge, Louisiana is Fort Polk. Roughly 190 north and west of BR. about 55 miles due wes... Read More »

What is a bone scan like?

A bone scan in an advanced imaging technique that uses radioactive dye to enhance the scan image. It identifies bone growth or degradation to evaluate bone damage, the presence of cancer or other b... Read More »