What is a tool to measure humidity called?

Answer A hygrometer, or psychrometer, is used to measure the relative humidity in the air by comparing two bulbs. By plugging in the temperatures of one wet, and one dry bulb, a table (known as a Hygrodei... Read More »

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What is the tool to measure humidity called?

A hygrometer measures humidity close to the surface of the Earth. Gravimetric hygrometry is a calibrating standard. It uses a desiccant, which absorbs water. The desiccant is weighed before and aft... Read More »

What tool do you use to measure relative humidity?

Relative humidity---the ratio of actual water vapor pressure to the vapor pressure of saturated air at the same temperature---is commonly measured by a psychrometer. While there are several forms ... Read More »

How to Measure Humidity?

Humidity is how much water vapor is in the air. Relative humidity is the percentage of how much vapor the air holds of the maximum amount it can hold at a specific temperature, while dew point refe... Read More »

How do we measure humidity?

Humidity simply refers to the amount of water vapor in the air and relative humidity is a comparison between the amount of vapor actually present and the total amount that the air could hold at a g... Read More »