What is a toilet bowl made of?

Answer A toilet bowl is made of a hard, acid-proof substance called vitreous china. Vitreous china is designed to resist abrasion from highly acidic toilet bowl cleaning products that are developed specif... Read More »

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When I Flush the Toilet, It Gurgles for a Long Time at the Bottom of the Toilet Bowl?

A toilet employs the laws of physics in a simple and useful way. When you flush it, water flows into the curved pipe hidden inside its unassuming porcelain exterior and thence into the waste line, ... Read More »

What is in toilet bowl cleaner?

Ingredients in toilet bowl cleaners vary by manufacturer. Common ingredients in three of the most popular brands (Clorox, Lysol, 2000 Flushes/WD-40 Company) include hydrochloric acid, chlorinated h... Read More »

What year was the toilet bowl invented?

Versions of the modern toilet bowl were used by the ancient Minoans and Romans, but the toilet as we know it was probably invented by Sir John Harrington. According to The Toilet Museum, the 16th c... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Blue Stain in Toilet Bowl?

If you have a blue stain inside your toilet bowl, do not blame a family member. The culprit is hidden inside the water that fills the toilet bowl: high levels of copper. Does this S... Read More »