What is a title search?

Answer A title search assures the purchaser of a piece of real estate that the property is owned by the person selling it. It also lets the purchaser know if there are any liens against the property.How i... Read More »

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Why do lenders require a title search&title insurance?

A lender requires both a title search and title insurance on any mortgage debt to ensure that they will be the first or second lien on the property, depending upon the type of mortgage debt. It als... Read More »

What is a title search on a property?

When buying a home or receiving property as an inheritance, you could unknowingly purchase the tax debts owed by the previous owner. A title search will reveal existing liens, judgments and other ... Read More »

What is the purpose of a title search?

Many home buyers are unaware that they can unknowingly purchase a seller's tax liens and other liabilities when acquiring real estate. This can also occur when receiving property as an inheritance ... Read More »

What is a property title search?

The term "property title search" is the process of researching a property's history through public land records to determine if anyone has placed any bank or tax liens against the property. A prope... Read More »