What is a title ii mortgage?

Answer The Federal Housing Administration's Title II program provides insurance to lenders to protect them from the risk of borrowers not making mortgage payments. Since the FHA backs these loans, they ca... Read More »

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You are on your Aunts title to her condo. She passed away last year-no assets. Mtg. has not been paid in over a year. Do I have any responsibility for the mortgage since I'm only on the title?

Your name on the title implies that you own the condominium. Unless during the probate of her estate, there was a different disposition of the property, you own it. Not only are you responsible for... Read More »

How do I add a spouse to the mortgage title?

Marriage CertificateObtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the county clerk's office in the county in which you were married. The certified copy will have a raised seal and is an... Read More »

How to Add Your Wife to the Mortgage Title on the House?

Two people unite in matrimony to share their lives together. Part of sharing your life means sharing your assets. If you have a home and want to add your wife to the mortgage title, it is a relativ... Read More »

Can a person on the title but not the mortgage stop me from refinancing?

Yes. The person on the title can block your attempt to refinance.You can wait to sell, but he will have the same veto power over any contract offer as well.If you are looking for the best mortgage ... Read More »