What is a tire load rating?

Answer The tire load rating is a designation given to automobile tires that indicate the tire's load range and load index.SignificanceThe load rating of a tire is based on its range and index. The range o... Read More »

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Tire Pressure Vs. Load Rating?

Over inflation, under inflation or going over the maximum weight a tire can support is a quick way to endanger yourself. According to Mac Demere of 'Edmunds,' nearly every tire blowout occurs on a ... Read More »

LT Vs. P Tire Rating?

A tire's sidewall can tell you a lot more information about its construction than you may think. The numbers found near the rim's edge tell you the tire's diameter, section width and sidewall aspec... Read More »

What is a tire ply rating?

Ply rating is an older method to determine the load carrying capacity of truck and trailer tires. Although ply rating is not a formalized tire rating system, it can be used to describe the load cap... Read More »

What Is a Tire Q Rating?

Every tire is speed rated, which means that you can safely travel at a certain speed limit without worry that your tires will fail you. Tires are assigned a letter rating representing the top speed... Read More »