What is a timpani?

Answer The timpani is a musical instrument in the percussion family. The sounds are created when the head of the timpani is struck by covered mallets.ConstructionThe base of the timpani is a large copper ... Read More »

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What Is the Pitch Range of a Timpani?

Timpani are drums that look like big copper kettles. They are commonly used in orchestras and bands. A single timpani can produce multiple notes, and percussionists typically use three to four timp... Read More »

How to Play the Timpani?

Here, you can learn how to play a timpani with the steps below!

Who invented the timpani?

While the actual inventor of the timpani or kettledrum remains a mystery, Encyclopedia Britannica notes this type of drum originated in the Middle East. A smaller, shallower precursor of the kettle... Read More »

Information on the Timpani?

A member of the percussion family, timpani are drums and the primary choice for orchestral percussion instruments since the 17th century. Also called kettledrums, timpani are bowl-shaped and have p... Read More »