What is a timeshare vacation?

Answer A timeshare is a type of real estate where you own a share in the subject property for a particular period of time. Timeshares are typically found in vacation destinations and the timeshare propert... Read More »

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How to Rent from Las Vegas Vacation Rentals For a Cost Effective Vacation?

If you're planning out your family excursion to Las Vegas and have a well apportioned budget, then you may want to think about the rewards of lodging off The Strip rather than in the middle of the ... Read More »

What is a timeshare chargeback?

A chargeback is when a customer contacts his credit card company and asks them to return the money already transacted from the merchant in order to account for poor service. If someone is unhappy w... Read More »

What Is the Quickest Way to Get Rid of a Timeshare?

The Petoskey stone is a fossil of a type of coral ground by glaciers which covered North America 2 million years ago. The main locations for stone deposits are found on Michigan's upper peninsula a... Read More »

What is a timeshare lockout?

Timeshares are properties that are available for the use of purchasers at a defined range of dates each year. Typically, they are in resort areas and used as vacation properties.Lockout UnitsA time... Read More »