What is a throttle body in a car?

Answer The throttle body is a part of a fuel injection engine that works in the air intake system, helping to control the flow of air into the engine. The biggest part of the throttle body is the throttle... Read More »

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What Is a Throttle Body?

Internal combustion gasoline engines require three things to operate: oxygen, fuel and a spark. On modern engines, fuel delivery and spark timing are handled by a computer controlled system of pum... Read More »

What Is Throttle Body Assembly?

Though it's basic function is simply to control the amount of air going into an engine, throttle bodies are actually fairly complex pieces of equipment. These large valves often integrate several ... Read More »

What Is the Throttle Body Function?

All modern gasoline-powered cars have throttle bodies. A throttle body controls airflow into the engine, a crucial factor for controlling the engine's air/fuel ratio. Throttle bodies come in severa... Read More »

What Is a Throttle Body Spacer?

Throttle body spacers are a prime example of modifications that work quite well on some cars and not at all on others. The efficacy of this simple mod depends largely upon the engine, and the exte... Read More »