What is a thorn apple?

Answer The thorn apple (Datura stramonium) is an herbaceous annual belonging to the the nightshade family, of which all parts are poisonous. It is also known as stramonium, jimson weed (a name that also e... Read More »

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How to Get a Thorn Out of Your Toe?

Many gardeners make the painful mistake of not wearing proper protective material while they work. If you have ever had a thorn or deep splinter in your foot, you know how painful it can be and how... Read More »

How to Get a Thorn out of a Dogs Paw?

Dogs love exploring, romping around, and chasing things into bushes and trees, so it's not surprising that many dog owners will at one time or another be confronted with the task of extracting a th... Read More »

What does a thorn do for a rose?

protects it from it's natural predators.

How to Remove a Thorn?

A thorn can be painful and may cause infection if it is left untreated. Below are a few simple methods to get that stubborn thorn out